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Summer Term 2022

We have started our learning journey with a book called ‘Varmints’. The children have watched a film version and then we read the book, then we looked at which we preferred and gave reasons why. Both versions are wonderful representations of a horrific invasion which makes close links to our History topic this term. We will base our writing around the text and have a go at retelling the narrative, afterwards we will box up the story and innovate this. Watch this space for some wonderful writing this term!





This Spring term, we have started off with reading a book called 'Winter's child'. We will base most of our writing around this book as well as doing some cross-curricular writing linked to our topic the 'Spice Route'. We started off with a hook into our book where we had to be careful what we wished for. We thought of all the things we wanted to wish for, some of us chose sensible wishes whilst others not so much. Afterwards, we looked at a scene from the story and have written some setting descriptions. We have also done some role play and got into the role of the 'Winters Child' and 'Tom'. 

Spring 2022

Last term our topic was called 'Language' and we were looking at how stories are passed down over time. We decided to read the some of the stories from the book 'Myths and Legends' by Michael Morpurgo. We read the story called the 'Lambton Worm' and have re-written this version of the story.


Hawkstone class have been busy acting out the story, role playing the dialogue between characters, boxing up the story, writing, editing and redrafting.  


Watch this space, for our amazing stories to be published here...


The Lambton Worm

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