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Welcome to Wrekin Class!


Wrekin class is taught by Miss Fox and is supported by Mrs Al-Sadek and Mrs Clorley.

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Wrekin class! I am so excited to have you all in my class this year, it is going to be one very busy but fun filled year so hold onto your hats and brace yourselves!


This term our topic is called ‘Cracking Ideas’. We will launch our topic through identifying journeys we have been on either over the last six weeks or within our life time. We will talk about these journeys in detail and add their destinations onto our world map to compare their whereabouts. Once we have a good idea about different ways to travel, we will start to explore types of travel from past to present as we begin to research The Wright Brothers.  We will identify the different ways the past has been represented as we gather evidence about the first flight through primary and secondary sources. As we move into the second half of the autumn term we will start to look into travel outside of our world through space! We will be researching famous astronauts such as; Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. I wonder if we could take a trip to mars?



Our English lessons are always linked to a specific genre. At the start of the block of lessons on that genre, you will complete a cold write so I can find out what you know or have remembered from previous year groups. You will then learn how to write using that genre at year two level. By the end of that block of learning you will complete a hot write whereby you put together everything you have learnt into one piece of work. We will then edit it using a success criteria for that genre and finally complete your remarkable write!

The genres we will be covering this term are linked to our theme and are; a recount, a non-chronological report about The Wright Brothers, a narrative based in space and a letter using the story Aliens Love Underpants.



In Maths this term, we are focusing on place value. You will learn how you can pull numbers apart into tens and ones to support your understanding of addition and subtraction. We are also focusing on multiplication where you will be learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

The children will frequently be presented with a challenge or a problem solving activity, linked to the lesson, that aims to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. These problems will link to the seven important problem solving skills; trial and improvement, working systematically, pattern spotting, working backwards, reasoning logically, visualising and conjecturing.


Don't forget!

  • Reading book and home link book (every day).
  • PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays - children will need to bring in their full PE kit at the beginning of term. It must then stay in school until the end of term. A full PE kit includes; a white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or trousers and trainers or pumps
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