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Welcome to Wrekin Class!


Wrekin class is taught by Miss Fox and is supported by Mrs Al-Sadek and Mr Sherratt.

Summer 2022

I hope you all had a restful Easter break and you are ready to find out about all the exciting things we are going to be learning about this term!


This term our topic is called ‘Treasure’ and as you have probably already guessed, it is largely to do with hidden treasures, map work and pirates!

We will begin our topic by looking at local treasures and artefacts, including those linked to Charles Darwin. We will use these artefacts to ask and answer questions about the past. Moving into the second half of the summer term we will explore journeys across land and sea. More specifically, the journey of Blackbeard. This will lead us into our geography topic whereby we will compare and contrast a non-European country. To finish the term, we will complete some fieldwork activities whereby we will devise our own map to hide some treasure!



Our English lessons are always linked to a specific genre. At the start of the block of lessons on that genre, you will complete a ‘have a go write’ so I can find out what you know or have remembered from previous year groups or pervious terms in year 2. You will then learn how to write using that genre at year two level. By the end of that block of learning you will complete a ‘learn as you go’ whereby you put together everything you have learnt into one piece of work. We will then edit it using a success criteria for that genre and finally complete your ‘show me what you know’ write! Don’t forget to look at the English section of our website to see if you have featured on the ‘Writer of the Week’ page!

The genres we will be covering this term are linked to our theme and are; persuasive letters, poems and newspaper reports.



To start this term’s maths, we will start to look at time. This is not a new concept to you as we have addressed the concept of time daily within our flashback 4’s (start of every maths lesson). We will explore how to tell the time to half past, o’clock, quarter past, quarter to and eventually 5 minutes past and to the hour. We will also be completing activities linked to; length and height, position and direction and finally mass, capacity and temperature. Within each of these topics we will revisit place value and addition and subtraction as these underpin everything we do in maths.


The children will frequently be presented with a challenge or a problem solving activity, linked to the lesson, that aims to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. These problems will link to the seven important problem solving skills; trial and improvement, working systematically, pattern spotting, working backwards, reasoning logically, visualising and conjecturing.


Don't forget!

  • Reading book and home link book (every day). This will ensure you and your child do not miss any key information stuck in the books.
  • PE is on Mondays and Thursdays - children will need to bring in their full PE kit at the beginning of term. It must then stay in school until the end of term. A full PE kit includes; a white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or trousers and trainers or pumps
  • Forest school is every other Tuesday (alternating groups). All children will need to bring a forest school kit into school that consists of clothes, waterproofs and shoes/wellies, that you do not mind getting mucky, on their day of forest school. Please see their home link books for the dates of these sessions.
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