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Welcome from the Headteacher


I would like to extend a warm welcome to The Wilfred Owen School.


Since 1st June, 2018 The  Wilfred Owen School converted to an Academy.  We are part of The Empower Multi-Academy Trust, a group of local schools with a shared vision and values.  More about the Trust can be found via the link on the bottom of each page.


We are a friendly, caring school.  Staff, children, parents and governors work together to enable everyone to achieve their full potential.  We believe that every one can achieve great things and we work hard to develop this self-belief and ambition.  We see the importance of the whole family and wider community in the success of our school. Working with these groups is one of our priorities.


We have  achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark as a recognition of our work towards inclusion.  This is a big part of our values and School ethos and we are proud of this achievement.


At The Wilfred Owen School, we value academic achievement.  We also see the equal importance of social and emotional development by providing our children with rich and varied opportunities.

We believe that happy, safe and secure children learn best when they are able to take risks and challenge themselves and others.  We offer a wide range of support and opportunities so this can happen.


We aim to include enough information on this website to allow you to make an informed choice, we recommend  visiting the school at work to see what we do. 


I look forward to personally welcoming you to The Wilfred Owen School.


Mrs Kerry Lynch



Our School Aims:


At The Wilfred Owen School we aim to:


* Develop and sustain children’s natural creativity and enthusiasm for learning, their ability to enjoy and accept challenges, set challenges for themselves and develop the resilience to take risks and get things wrong.

* Have high expectations of ourselves and others and recognise, value and celebrate the achievements of all members of the school community by providing opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

* Encourage all children to achieve a high degree of responsibility, self-discipline, self-esteem and self-reliance.

* Foster values and qualities to fully prepare children for the next stages of learning, whilst nurturing spiritual, moral, physical and cultural development.

* Promote a shared understanding of the world and the people around them and the values of the Britain in which we live.

Our school Values

As a school, we have adopted the Trust values as our own school values.

We address these Values in assembly, in classroom conversations and through our teaching.

Children are often asked how they have demonstrated the Values in their behaviour in school.


Our Trust  and School Values are as follows;

‘We actively promote opportunities for every child, adult and school to influence their own practice and future.’

‘We encourage and support every child, adult and school to aim high and achieve their aspirations.’

‘We work together to support everyone to achieve their aims.’

‘We adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and an optimistic approach.’

‘We are thoughtful and considerate to ourselves, others and the environment.’

‘We are honest, transparent and fair in everything that we do.’


We are part of The Empower Trust
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