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Understanding the World

In Understanding the World this term we will be discussing;

  • Ourselves and our families
  • Differences and similarities of our families
  • Harvest 
  • Autumn
  • Bonfire Night
  • Diwali 
  • Christmas



In Religious Education this term we will be discussing;

  • What the word God means? Which people believe in God?
  • Which people believe God is the creator of everything? What is the story that Christians use to think about creation?
  • What do Christians and other people think about the world? How should we treat it?
  • What special stories are there in the Bible about Jesus?
  • Why do Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas? Why do Christian's celebrate Jesus' birthday? What special things do Christians do at Christmas to share God's love?
  • What makes everyone unique and precious? How does the Christmas story tell Christian's they are precious to God?



In Forest School this term we will be;

  • Exploring our senses using the text We're Going on a Bear Hunt to help us, discovering what we can see, what we can hear and what we can feel
  • Picking apples from our garden
  • Creating a Christmas decoration from natural materials



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