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Tasks to try at home

Take part in our activities to do at home.



  • Hunt for mini-beasts in your back garden.

  • Make a model of a mini-beast you have found.


Visit a library

  • Look for one of the books we will read in nursery in the summer term.

  • Find a book about a favourite animal or toy.


Where I Live

  • Walk to your local shop. What do you see on the way?

  • Visit a local park with your family.


Go on a Journey

  • On the journey into town, look out of the window. What can you see?

  • Visit the Quarry Park. Go to the Dingle to see the ducks and fish in the pool and the flowers planted there. Enjoy playing in the park.

  • Visit the library. Choose some books to take home when you become a library member.

  • Visit Shrewsbury Castle.

  • Visit Haughmond Hill.


Farm Animals

  • Watch Down on the Farm on CBeebies.
  • Have you got any toy farm animals? Make your own toy farm.
  • How many farm animals can you recognise?
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