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Summer - One

Our Safeguarding Champions will focus on:


  • Mental health awareness 
  • Ready, Respectful and Safe - School behaviour 


Children will create a power point presentation focusing on mental health to share in KS1 and KS2 assemblies. They will discuss the importance of mental health and what we can do to support our minds. We will then have a focus on our school behaviour system which follows being ready, respectful and safe. The safeguarding champions will collect pupil voice from all classes to discuss what they think this means. They will then feedback to Mrs Matthews ideas about how we can ensure that all children are ready, respectful and safe at our school. 



                                                           Summer - Two

  • Child safety week 
  • Cyber Bullying 
  • Going gadget free for the day
  • Stand up to bullying day  


The Safeguarding Champions will speak to the children about road and water safety. They will create leaflets for the classes about these topics. Following on from this, we will look at cyber bullying where they will create a cyber bullying poster to put up around the school. Lastly, the safeguarding champions have suggested to support our mental health that we should have a 'Go Gadget free for the day'. Children in each class will have suggested times where they must go gadget free including the teachers!! They will then tell children to be gadget free from home between 5.30pm and 7.30pm so that families can spend time with one another! We will keep you posted to tell you how this goes!!












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