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Welcome to Stiperstones!


Class Teachers- Mrs Hopwood and Mrs Wray

Teaching Assistants- Miss Marshall, Miss Brown and Miss Horton.


Spring Term 2023.

Happy New Year!


This term our topic is 'Flight'. We will start by using timelines and maps to find out where and when the first flight took place. We will then move to comparing old and new planes. We will finally answer the question 'What impact did the invention of flight have on the world?' 

In the second half of the term, we will find out who Amelia Earheart was and why she is a significant person.


In English, we use a writing cycle to help us become super writers. We start with a have a go write and, after our sequence of learning, a show what you know write! We will be writing our own story based on Jack and the beanstalk, creating a senses poem before writing a non-chronological report on Amelia Earheart.


In Maths, we will be focusing on place value to 20, addition and subtraction within 20 and shape.


In science we will be learning about animals including humans. 


All children have a daily phonics session. This helps children to read and spell words. We use the scheme Essential Letters and Sounds. Your child will bring a reading book and diary home with them each night. Please help them by reading the book with them at least 4 times a week. To aid fluency and comprehension, they will keep the same book for a week and it will be changed on a Friday.



Year 1 Phonics Check.

Children in Stiperstones will take the phonics screening check after the Summer half term.  The phonics screening check is taken individually by all children in Year 1 in England. It is designed to give teachers and parents/carers information on how children are progressing in phonics.

It will help to identify whether a child needs additional support at this stage so that they do not fall behind in this vital early reading skill. 

The check is made up of 40 words, and usually lasts 5-10 minutes. Some words are real words, and others are nonsense, or ‘alien’ words. This is to show if pupils can work out how to decode words they haven’t seen before. 

More information on the phonics check can be found here


As a school, we use VIPERS skills to help us understand what we are reading. More information can be found in their home school link book or here


P.E is on a Tuesday and Friday. Children will need a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. If you child wears tights, please put a pair of socks in their bag.

If you child has pierced ears and can not remove the studs then please send your child with surgical tape or plasters so that the studs can be covered during PE.

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