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*Home learning update*

As a school, we are moving to providing home learning via Seesaw. You will need to download the seesaw app onto your laptop or tablet in order to access your child's work. More information can be found here.



We will send you an email with your child's log in details. We are working hard to get them to you as soon as we can. We thank you for your patience.


Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine and continue to work on the activities set below.


Try to up with Numbots, phonics and reading over the holidays. Maybe you could write about what you're doing to show me when you're back at school? 

Missing you all very much. Stay safe, 


Mrs Hopwood xx

p.s- Thank you Lewis for the great pictures. You look like you're having such fun! 



Numbots Top 10  minutes played in the last 7 days

Numbots Top 10 coins collected in the last 7 days Top Sumdog players this week


























Please see below.



Each day try to complete a short maths, phonics, reading and writing activity. 


New Links

Oak Academy :


White Rose Maths 

White Rose Maths is the scheme that we follow in school. They are providing a daily video and worksheet to accompany it. You do not have to print this off, you can discuss it with your child.



Deepening Understanding have created home learning activities.


General maths activities.


One more and one less

Get some raisins, grapes, cereal pieces. Place some on a plate. If the grown up with you says ‘one more’, add one more and say what number you have now. If they say ‘one less’, eat one and count how many you have left.

Ask a grown up to give you some toys. Count how many you have. Can you put out another group of toys so you have one more and then one less?

Build a tower with bricks. Can you build another tower with one more brick? Can you build another with one less brick?



Make your own tens frames or print some off the internet and use counters, or anything you can find to use instead of counters (raisins, grapes, cereal pieces etc…..). Choose 2 numbers 1-digit numbers to add together , e.g. 7 + 5. On your tens frame set out 7 on one thing, e.g. raisins and then add another 5 of something else e.g. cereal pieces. Have you filled a tens frame? How many are in the next tens frame? What is your answer? Try this adding different numbers. You can also draw them out.

Link to video on using tens frames to add  (2nd activity on video 1min46secs)

Number bonds to 10

Practise your number bonds to 10 by playing the ‘Total of 10’ card game

Can you think of any new rules for playing this game?

Link to the ‘Total of 10’ card game:



Use your tens frames and counters from the addition activity to practise subtracting. Make the first number using the tens frame and subtract the number of counters/ pieces to work out how many you now have. Try it with different numbers.

Watch the 3rd activity on the video: 1min46sec

Time to o’clock and half past

Ask your grown up to draw a number line from 1-12 and cut out an arrow (this will be your hour hand). Each number represents an hour on the clock, so if the arrow points to 1 it is showing 1 o’clock. Position your arrow on different numbers and read out the time. Then put your arrow half way between 2 numbers. This represents half past, so if your arrow is half way between 2 and 3, it is half past 3.

Next draw a round clock and do the same with just one hand. Once you are happy telling the time with one hand, you can make a 2nd longer hand. This is your minute hand. Where should it point for o’clock? Where should it point for half past?

Link to video on telling the time to o’clock and half past:

Read and write numbers from 1-20 in numbers and in words

Make 1-20 number cards and one to twenty word cards out of paper.

Have a go at matching up the numbers and words. Play the memory game, by turning all your cards over and taking it in turns to pick 2 cards. If the number and word matches, you get to keep both cards. The winner is the person with the most pairs at the end.


2D shapes and 3D shapes

How many 2D and 3D shapes can you name? Go round your house/garden and make a list of all the circles, squares, rectangles and triangle shapes you can see. Can you find any other 2D shapes? Then go round looking for 3D shapes (cubes, cuboids, cylinders and spheres). Can you find any others?

Ask your grown up to cut out some 2D shapes. Can you make different pictures with them? Try drawing out a picture using just 2D shapes.


Follow a recipe to bake some biscuits or cakes. Can you weigh out all the ingredients yourself?

Find food in your kitchen, such as a tin of beans. Can you find something which is heavier and something which is lighter?



Ask your group up for some money. Can you identify all the coins?

Can you make 10p? Can you find a different way to make 10p, using different coins? Try this for different amounts of money


Find something in your house you could use to measure with. They all need to be the same size e.g. counters, lego bricks, paper clips etc…. Choose different objects, such as a pen or book. Estimate how many counters etc… long it will be and then use them to measure what it actually is. Can you find different things round your house which are longer/shorter.



Classroom secrets kids- This has been updated to include more areas. 

Login details are in the front of your child’s reading diary

username- 129985 followed by your child's name (no space) password- the same as your numbots password




Phonics play Free to access during the school closure period.

Username- march20 Password- home

UPDATED WEBSITE- See link below for the new address.


Phase 4 and phase 5


Teach your monster to read

Free to use on a computer/tablet (you have to pay for the app). A range of fun phonics games. Register to create an account.





Oxford Reading Owl- Reading books.

This site is free to register an account. Here you will find a range of reading books for your child. They could rewrite the stories they have read or write a book review.



Collins have made a free account for parents and have their 'Big Cat' books available. When you have logged on click 'Big Cat' then choose the book band colour (pink is easier, turquoise is harder) and choose a book for your child to read to you. Some books have activity sheets to accompany them.

Login using 


Password- Parents20!


Phonics play comics- Start with Phase 3, 4 and 5a comics


Cbeebies stories

A range of stories for your child to listen along to. They can tell you what they liked best about them.


David Walliams stories. Each day David Walliams is releasing a free audio story. Please listen to the story first to check that it is age appropriate for your  child.


The Book Trust A range of books that your child can listen or read along with. Also included are a range of games and activities.




Activities you could do:

Write a book review of your favourite book.

Write a shape poem.

Choose your favourite characters (from a story you have read or make your own) and write a story about a new adventure they go on.

Write a shape poem.

Write a diary.

Write a letter to a friend.



Make sure that your child can spell these words correctly in their writing and not just in a 'test'. (Many children will spell the word correctly in a test but spell it incorrectly when they are busy writing). Focus on 10 spellings at a time. Start with Phase 2 and end with Phase 5.


Once you child is spelling these in their writing move to the common exception words.




Letter formation.






Classroom secrets kids- login details are in the front of your child’s reading diary.

Maths activities Year 1


Sumdog- Your child's log in details are in the front of their reading diary. Free to create an account as a parent if you do not have their login details.


Numbots Your child’s log in is written in their reading diary.


Number bonds Number bonds up to 20 and up to 10



General activities



Keep fit with Coach Wood. He is releasing a daily work out video. We have done the first session in class and the children really enjoyed it. Please be aware that I have only watched the first session to check suitability. Please watch any future sessions to check they are age appropriate. 


Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is doing a daily live P.E lesson at 9 am on YouTube.


Apply for a Blue Peter badge.


Outdoor learning- fun ideas to do outdoors



Twinkl have created a free Year 1 pack with English, Maths and Science activities to download.


Virtual museum tours


Maths and Science activities



Welcome to Stiperstones class! We are a friendly bunch of year 1 children. Our teacher is Mrs Hopwood and our teaching assistants are Miss Lansley, Mrs Groom, Miss Deacon and Mrs Garner.


Welcome back!

Welcome back! I hope that you all had a lovely break and are ready for the next exciting term! This term our topic is ‘World Kitchen’. We will be exploring the origins of afternoon tea, going out for afternoon tea before hosting an afternoon tea for the residents of a local sheltered housing complex.


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to me.



We will start the term by looking at the book ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’ to help us follow and write our own instructions. Later we will read ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ and create our own animal inspired stories. Later in the term we will look at explanation texts and food themed poetry.



In Maths this term we are continuing to look at how we add and subtract numbers before moving on to measuring length, weight, height and volume.          

We will be applying our knowledge in regular problem solving sessions.



Using numicon to help us with our maths!



In Geography, we will start by thinking about where our food comes from and what food grows in our local area. Later in the term we will look at the Four Seasons and weather patterns in the UK. Towards the end of the term we will look at food production through history before hosting our own afternoon tea party. In Art and Design we will be making the food for our tea party and creating our own decorations.


We have P.E on a Monday and a Wednesday but it's good to keep our P.E kit in school during the week.

In P.E this term we will be using the apparatus and learning about invasion games.



Children will be given the opportunity to change their books three times a week. All children will have a daily phonics session. This helps children to learn to read words and to spell words.


Forest Schools.  

Forest School is on a Friday morning (for all children) Please can your child come to school wearing suitable clothing (warm old clothing) and bring their uniform to school to change into after the session.




If you child has pierced ears and can not remove the studs then please send your child with surgical tape or  plasters so that the studs can be covered during PE.


Key Dates:

13.1.20 After school clubs start

24.1.20 Chinese New Year lunch

31.1.20 Year 1 assembly       

13.2.20 Parent’s Evening

14.2.20 Non-Uniform Day

17.2.20 Half term

5.3.20 World Book day (dress up as book character)

2.4.20 Easter lunch

3.4.20 Non-Uniform Day

6.4.20 Easter holidays




Children will have weekly spellings for them to practice at night. They will be tested on these on a Friday. Please send their spelling folder into school on a Friday.

Children will have number fact books sent home. They are tested on these on a Monday and receive a reward in assembly when they have completed all their challenges. Children can practice their mental maths on ‘Numbots’. They will receive a certificate in assembly for each stage they complete. Please let me know if you need your child’s login details.


Letters and sounds.

All children in Year 1 are required to undertake a phonics check. In this they read a mixture of real and alien words by using their phonic knowledge. Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me if you need more information  about this.


. More information about this can be found here.


These are some useful websites to help your child prepare for this.

Please note these link to external websites and therefore the content can not be guaranteed.


Letters and sounds

Phonics play

Mystery object lands in playground!

Dear Santa Visit.

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