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A huge welcome back to school to all our Year 6 children, we hope you're all had a lovely Christmas break.  This term will whizz by as we start revision and  preparations for the upcoming KS2 SATs.  This year, the 2023 SATs will take place between Tuesday 9th May 2023 – Friday 12th May 2023. Over this period the children will sit 6 different tests, with English normally taking place at the beginning of the week and maths at the end.  We will start preparing for the tests during this term and further information will follow regarding revision support for your child.


**** Please note **** 

Your child will be issued with SATs revision texts the 1st full week back in school after Christmas.  These books are to be used at home and will cover all the topics your child will need to revise to be prepared for SATs.  There are step-by-step answers and mark schemes are included to allow you to support your child with any areas they may be finding difficult.  



Texts at the heart of our English curriculum this term are Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick 

and the poem, The Tyger by William Blake. 

Writing outcomes are as follows:




Character description 

Narrative (Retelling of a chapter)


Balanced Argument (History)



We have been collating work so far this term to create a display.  With Hugo Cabret as our stimulus, the children have produced thoughtful and detailed pieces of writing and stunning art work.  We will continue to build on this as the term progresses.





In Maths, we will be extending our knowledge of the number system and continuing our work on fractions. This term, we will be focusing on: ratio, algebra, fractions, decimals and percentages, area, perimeter and volume and statistics.

Children will as always be regularly challenged with a selection of reasoning and problem solving activities to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the term. 



Science - Electricity and Animals including Humans


For the first half of the term, the children will be studying Electricity.

They will recap their knowledge of circuits and symbols before moving onto investigations, testing their understanding of how electricity flows.  The children will also look in depth at the history of electricity and how our understanding of how electricity works has changed over time. 


The second half of the term has a Biology focus, particularly the human circulatory system.  The children will start their learning by being able to identify and understand the functions of our circulatory systems and what happens if a part of that system isn't working as it should be.  This will lead the children into studying the importance of healthy diets and lifestyle and the investigative work attached to this unit will be linked to the importance of exercise on the human body, 



History and Geography

This term our History and Geography topic is centred around The Changing Role of Women.  The children will learn via an enquiry based approach:


How and why have the roles of women changed over time?

How important a role did women play in the World Wars?

Evaluate the changing rights of women and establish if we have gender equality today?


The children will have the opportunity to question and think like true historians and geographers, studying the flight path of Amelia Earhart, focusing on women in Ancient civilizations such as Cleopatra, identify key points of change for women throughout history, one of the most exciting being the work of the suffragettes.  The children will also evaluate the impact of societal complexities when learning about the feminist movement in the 60's and 70's.

A unit of work that will promote deep thinking and allow the children to link their prior knowledge of society and women's roles throughout history with gender equality today.




On Friday 27th January, the children were given the fantastic opportunity to take part in a webinar with author Tom Palmer and Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich.


Award-winning writer, Tom Palmer, author of After The War, interviewed Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich.  They were able to hear from the world-class author and how he was inspired to write about this important subject.  They also learnt about Mala and the experiences she endured as part of the Holocaust.  

The children were totally engaged in this unique, thought provoking experience. 

MUSIC - Ukulele lessons.

Coming on a treat!



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