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Class Teacher - Ms S O'Hara

Teaching Assistant - Miss S Jones

Welcome back to school and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

This term our class theme is Fairtrade.  This topic has a huge geography focus and the children will be developing an understanding of trade links with other countries, the importance of Fairtrade and also take a look at the global supply chain.  In addition to this, we plan on getting the children out of the classroom to embed essential geography skills practically.  They will work as a team and learn how to use a compass and read a map to navigate themselves from one point to another but alongside this, they will be encouraged to appreciate their surroundings and learn relaxation techniques supported by the great outdoors!


This term the children will be taking their National Curriculum Assessments (also known as SATs). These assessments will be for Maths and English.  At school we very much encourage the children to ‘try their very best’ and to be resilient in their approach even if they find some aspects of the tests challenging. We talk openly and honestly about why these tests are important to them and to us as a school. It is a time when the children can really show their learning and celebrate their successes in the core areas of Maths and English.  We will send more information regarding dates of the tests etc shortly.   


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