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National Lockdown - advice and guidance

We have recently sent out a survey to parents to capture their views on our Home Learning provision currently.  We have been delighted with the extremely positive responses we have had and the comments parent have made.  

Please see the results below:


How many hours is each child able to work at home currently?

3.43 hours per child


How good is the home learning offer?

Average 4 out of 5 stars


Is there enough work being set?

4 out of 5 stars


Are staff managing the balance between home learning and school based learning?

Yes - 95%

No - 5%


Are your children receiving feedback on the work they are submitting?

4.2 stars out of 5


We have taken on board some of the comments which made suggestions as to how we can further improve our home learning.  Some of these points include:

  1. Senior Leaders monitoring work for appropriate pitch and expectations.
  2. SENCo working with staff to ensure SEN children are getting suitably pitched activities.
  3. Training and support offered by Key Stage Leads to all staff to ensure feedback is balanced between next steps/corrections and motivational responses to encourage further engagement.
  4. We have offered Kindles and laptops to those families who do not have enough devices to enable access to work.
  5. Paper copies of work have been shared with those families who either find this more manageable or require differentiated activities and learning.
  6. Designated safeguarding leads meet weekly to monitor engagement and identify those children who staff have not had any communication with for a welfare call or home visit.

Allocation of places

Following the announcement on Monday 4th January at 8.00pm by Boris Johnston, The Wilfred Owen School will only remain open for Vulnerable Children and those children where both parents are in jobs critical to the Covid response or where a single parent has a job vital to the Covid response.


Once we have allocated these places, we will consider, if we have further space, families where only one parent is a key worker.


The Government Advice at the present time is that, wherever possible, all members of the public should ‘Stay home, Save lives and Protect the NHS’.  This is the basis for the decision we are making in school to ensure that we can protect, children, staff and the wider community from the increased risk from the new Covid strain.  This means all year groups, including Nursery, will only offer provision to those groups listed above.


We will be restricting numbers in school, as directed by the Government.  Once we have reached the capacity in each class, we will not be able to offer any further places.  Wherever possible, your priority should be to find an alternative arrangement to sending your child into school. 


In the event of a positive case, we will be closing the class down and insisting that children self-isolate for the period recommended by the NHS.  We need to act quickly on any potential cases and parents with children in school will have to make arrangements at short notice to collect their child.

Free School Meals support

This lockdown we will be distributing food parcels to those children who are at home and would normally be provided with benefit related free school meals.

The food parcels will be supplied weekly by Morrisons Supermarket.  Each child, who is entitled to Free School Meals, will receive a box of food, which will provide breakfast, lunch, a snack and drinks for each day of the week.

Boxes contain the items shown below.

Support, advice and guidance

Below will be documents and guidance to support you through the lockdown period.  Please use these rather than phoning school.

Please note the risk assessment is updated frequently subject to changes in guidance.

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