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Our intent for reading is as follows.

All children should develop:

• Excellent phonic knowledge and skills.

• Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum.

• Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary.

• An excellent comprehension of texts.

• The motivation to read for both study and for pleasure.

• Extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts.

Texts linked to curriculum long term plan

This curriculum map links quality texts to the long term plan.

The map is under continual review as we move through the long term plan, to take into account new authors, new books and other texts which we are able to link to themes.

Not all texts are used in their entirety.  Some are used for extracts which provide a prompt or resources for writing and guided reading.

All books will be available in school for children to borrow if they wish to.  Money is put aside each year in the budget to update and purchase texts from this map and the top ten lists.

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