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Our Learning

In Reception our topic for the Summer term is 'What is special to me'. 




We will change your child's reading book twice a week. *The children will be rewarded for reading three times a week at home so please make sure you sign your child's diary!

We have daily reading sessions where the children will take part in a guided read with a specific focus linked to VIPERS, a shared read with one of our class golden books or individual reading. You will find more information on VIPERS in your child's home school link book.



We will be encouraging the children to write independently during activity times to allow them to apply their skills and make links between what they are learning and the purpose of writing. The children thoroughly enjoyed drawing pictures and labelling them last term, this is something you could ask your child to do at home! We will be focusing our writing on our phonics lessons ensuring we apply the graphemes (sounds) we have learnt/ are learning, remembering finger spaces and full stops. 



In Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) we will be focusing on phase four (adjacent consonants) and phase five sounds being able to read them within words and sentences. You can support your child’s phonics at home using the sound mats in their home school reading diaries to check how many they can remember as well as games on PhonicsPlayPhonics Bloom and Alphablocks videos.


In Maths we will be focusing on the counting and building numbers to twenty, adding more, taking away, ordering numbers to 20 and counting backwards. We will also explore spatial reasoning, doubling and sharing. 



The children are being awarded for their work on Numbots and will receive a special certificate for the most coins. Please support your child to access Numbots at home. *Remember that the more questions your child answers correctly the harder the questions become. Please allow your child to work out the answers by themselves so that the level of questions is appropriate for them.

Understanding the World

During our topic 'What is special to me' we will be looking at who helps us; in our family, in school and in society. As part of our focus text 'Owl Babies' we will be learning key facts about owls, understanding what is meant by 'nocturnal',  create nests and explore our senses whilst in the Forest School area.  


The children will attend Forest School every other week to explore the world around them, please ensure they bring appropriate clothing to support their learning (t-shirt, jogging bottoms, wellies, sun hat/ rain coat (just in case). 

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be looking at the artists Hieronymus Bosch and Andy Warhol to support our exploration of using different creative materials, tools and techniques to create simple representations. 

We will continue to sing familiar nursery rhymes and our class poems and use musical instruments to experiment with different sounds thinking about the pitch and melody. 

Communication and Language

This topic will give us lots of opportunities to learn new vocabulary, here are some of the words we will be talking about. It would be great if you could use these words at home with your child.



















Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In PSED we will continue to focus on friendships, sharing and understanding why it is important to follow rules. We will be linking our PSED to our key focus texts Owl Babies and Kipper's Toy Box to help us to understand the feelings of others.

Physical Development

During PE we will be focusing on overall fitness, games and throwing/ catching! We will also continue to work on our fine motor skills to support our handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.

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