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Number Fact Books

In each class, we focus on embedding and developing key number facts.  Children take home number facts and are encouraged to learn the facts at home and in school. They are given their first number fact to learn in nursery. The first set of books are related to number facts, such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Our staff in school will then test the children to ensure they have learnt the facts.

Every child who completes a Number Fact Book successfully is presented with a bear in our Friday assembly.

Please see a range of the booklets below:

At The Wilfred Owen School we also use curriculum fact cards. These are placed in the children's maths books at the beginning of the year and are used as a guide to support the children in understanding their year groups expectations. The children use this guide as a type of maths dictionary to aid lessons. The curriculum fact cards are also sent home in your child's home link book at the beginning of the year so you too are aware of what they will be learning. 

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