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Sun Safety

In line with Shropshire Council guidelines we promote a ‘common sense’ approach that most parents and carers would take in providing sun safety for their children.  The Local Authority recommends the following:  


Sun cream should be applied before arrival at school and should be a minimum of factor 15, which is the minimum factor advised by the Department of Health.  Sun cream is not to be brought into school as staff are advised not to apply sun cream to pupils. Many shops now have available ‘once’ creams, which means they can be applied before school and last all day.  In warm weather  children should wear hats, long sleeves etc. as appropriate and bring a water bottle to school. We make use of shade around or in the school and aim to ensure that children are not out in the sun for prolonged periods.  Please make sure that if your children are on visits during the summer months they have suitable clothing, hats and drinks.  Visits may be cancelled or cut short in extreme hot weather due to the risks of sunstroke, sunburn and dehydration. 

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