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Empower Trust

As of the 1st June, 2018 The Wilfred Owen School became an academy as part of The Empower Trust.  Over the past two years a group of school have worked together to establish a Multi-Academy Trust based on shared vision and values.  During this time the Governors and Senior Leaders in school have consulted with staff, pupils and parents on this change and the responses have been very positive. 

So, what will this mean for our school?

The answer is that as part of Empower Trust we will be able to have more freedom and control over some of the decisions we make.  We can focus our budget, resources and policy on ensuring that every child gets the very best quality of education and the broad range of opportunities they deserve.  It means that, working with other schools, we can develop and offer opportunity to our staff so that they can be outstanding teachers delivering a first class curriculum.

It also means that we can keep our strong sense of identity as The Wilfred Owen School.  We have no plan to change uniform, logos or spend large amounts of money on rebranding.  We will continue to provide the best for every child and work with our local community.  As part of the trust we will be able to do what the name suggests – Empower every member of the school community to reach their full potential.

We are part of The Empower Trust
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