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Clarification of next steps in school – Important update for all Parents

Dear Parents and carers,


Yesterday, we opened our doors to an increased number of children in school.  This included Key Worker’s children, Vulnerable children and some of Reception class and Year 1 class.  It was a very different feel to the day, due to the measures we have put in place, however the feedback from those new children returning was very positive.  Over the rest of the week, we will be fine tuning systems in place in school to be ready for the next phase of opening.

Due to the difficulties with social distancing and having sufficient space in school, we have made the decision to delay the return of Nursery children to school.  It has been a challenge to keep social distancing in place with those very limited numbers in each class and feel this is not the right time to extend this to Nursery.  As a result, we will be extending our opening to Year 6 children from Monday 15th June.  A letter will be sent out to parents of children in Year 6 to explain timings and procedures next week.  With this will be a survey link which we would like you to complete so we have a clear idea of numbers in each classroom and can plan resources and stationary packs for each child.

I feel it is important to clarify the position if you send your child back to school.  If you have agreed to return your child to school in one of the year groups which we have opened to, it is expected you will send them back full time.  We are not able to offer part time places to children in these groups.  This can only be done for children of Key Worker’s, who remain in the Key Worker group.  If your child does not arrive for school, you will be contacted by 9.30am and asked to provide a reason for absence.  If this reason is not valid, in line with our attendance policy, your child will be marked as an ‘unauthorised absence’.  As we extend our provision to a wider number of children we need to return to ‘normal’ school life and therefore expect your child to attend full time, unless there is a good reason why not.

We have set up groups so that we can manage the numbers in each class.  I have been asked by some parents if they can change their mind and review the advice in a couple of weeks.  We will be able to take some additional children in each of the class groups at this moment in time, however, once we reach 10 children in each group, we will have to monitor the number of places we can offer beyond this depending on the age of child, size of classroom and available adults.  If you wish your child to return at a later date, they will need to start school on a Monday morning and will then be expected to return to full time education.  We need to have as much notice as possible of any changes to the numbers in each group so we can continue to make sure everyone in school is safe.  Please contact the office on 01743282360 or to register your interest in a place.  We will then put a waiting list in place for each group.

Please be aware that when you return your child to school you agree to abide by the rules set out in the previous letters we have sent out.  This includes social distancing and keeping your family safe in line with Government advice.  We are being informed of members of the local community who have not been following the rules of social distancing and will withdraw places of children who will increase the risk to other children and staff.

Keep yourselves and your families safe.

Yours sincerely,


Kerry Lynch


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