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Subject Rationale:


Music is a valuable subject within the curriculum at The Wilfred Owen.  The impact of music can be huge and give children an opportunity to succeed and develop key skills and understanding.  It is also a tool through which children can express themselves, linking into many of our key curriculum drivers.

Music links to the emphasis we put on developing health and well-being, giving children an outlet to explore feelings, emotions and the impact of music on relaxation, calm and self-expression.


As well as this, we want children to become musicians through developing the following essential skills:

A rapidly widening repertoire which they use to create original, imaginative, fluent and distinctive composing and performance work. 

• A musical understanding underpinned by high levels of aural perception, internalisation and knowledge of music, including high or rapidly developing levels of 

technical expertise. 

• Very good awareness and appreciation of different musical traditions and genres.

• An excellent understanding of how musical provenance - the historical, social and cultural origins of music - contributes to the diversity of musical styles.

• The ability to give precise written and verbal explanations, using musical terminology effectively, accurately and appropriately.

• A passion for and commitment to a diverse range of musical activities.

We want to offer a broad range of musical genres, to further develop understanding of music historically and as a cultural expression.  This allows us to link music into a wider curriculum, particularly when studying other locations around the World 

Children need to experience aa broad range of music skills, knowledge and understanding.  Underpinning this in our music curriculum we focus on 4 key threshold concepts, which are:


  • Perform

This concept involves understanding that music is created to be performed.

  • Compose

This concept involves appreciating that music is created through a process which has a number of techniques.

  • Transcribe

This concept involves understanding that compositions need to be understood by others and that there are techniques and a language for communicating them.

  • Describe music

This concept involves appreciating the features and effectiveness of musical elements.

Music is delivered through several different means across school.  Some terms a weekly music session may be delivered, supported by the Music Express Curriculum.  At other points, music may be blocked into a period of a week or two.  This often ties in with giving children the opportunity to perform.  We have offered a wide range of performance opportunities in our pre-covid curriculum offer and hope to return to these as soon as we are able to.  Children have performed at Theatre Severn as part of a orchestra of ukele players, as part of a Shropshire wide music festival; one class performed the Wizard of Oz musical at the theatre, selling tickets to the public through the box office and raising money for a local charity.  We have been involved in National events such as Young Voices and the NEC Birmingham and the Llangollen Eistefodd. 

Singing is delivered both in class and during a weekly singing assembly.  Within this we offer a wide range of musical genres, from harvest hymns to the latest chart toppers. We, where possible, will link singing to the theme being delivered and may learn Australian folk songs to link with our Key Stage One theme or French Language songs to link with Eurovision in Key Stage Two.

Composition will be delivered in class, using a variety of resources.  Children compose music using percussion instruments, melodic instruments and digital software.

Listening are developed through experiencing a wide range of music styles and opportunities.  Children visit a range of places where music is performed such as the theatre and concerts.  Each week, in assemblies there is a focal piece of music chosen to link to the theme or value of the week.  Once again, the selection covers a wide range of genres and they are discussed with the school during the week.


The curriculum is supported by Music Express.  Staff use the relevant age group units to support their teaching. The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of the specific cohort and link into the Long Term Plan.

CQ Music Milestones and National Curriculum

A tracking grid, linked to the milestones / objectives for the unit will be used to show whether a child is Working Towards (WTS), Expected (EXS) or Greater Depth (GDS). This information is tracked by class teachers to ensure children achieve to their full potential.

In addition, we will make judgements about the quality of provision based on the opportunities children have had to share and perform their music skills and abilities.

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