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National Savings Day!

Well... what a day!

We have all worked so hard to plan and deliver an initiative on National Savings Day this year. 

We decided upon the initiative 'Grow a Pound' and rolled this out across the school. Miss Fox secured funding from Just Credit Union so we could give every child in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 a £1 to grow.


On Tuesday 12th October (National Savings Day) we started the day with a series of assemblies. Miss Fox was blown away by our professionalism when delivering the assemblies. Just after that, we were interviewed by Radio Shropshire! 

You can listen to our interview by clicking on this link: 

We went live at 2 hours and 21minutes.


Here are some photos:



This week we began our homework club. We have rolled it out across key stage 1 and 2. Key stage 2 homework club is currently focussing on Times Table Rockstars and the key stage 1 homework club is focussing on Numbots. 

We had great fun supporting some of our new students in logging in and accessing both of the apps. We also helped children with their key facts.

Here are some photos:


Reflections of our first few months as maths ambassadors... 


David - I have enjoyed spreading joy around the school and making others smile this year. We encouraged a joy of maths every time we spoke to children. Seeing how different classes react was exciting!

Gracie-Mae and Kaiden - we enjoyed giving treats out for achievements as it made people want to work hard. 

Ellie-Mai - I liked making people happy. 


Next year (2021-22)!

David - I'd like to expand our roles next year. I would like us to be more involved in maths across the whole school. 

Ellie-Mai - I want to help children feel more confident with maths. 

Kaiden - I would like to interview Mrs Matthews and ask her lots of questions about maths!

Gracie-Mae - Can we run some more competitions where we can get the whole school involved?




Every week we hand out prizes to the child in each class who either gained the most coins, secured the quickest speed, improved their speed the most or improved their accuracy the most. Here is a photo of us celebrating the achievements of the children in Clee (reception) class this week. Well done Clee class we are so proud of your hard work. 



Today we had such a tricky job to do. We had to choose the winner of the Times Table Rockstar competition! 

We laid out all the entries and spent a long time discussing outfits, poses and crazy hair. 

It was not easy to reach a decision because all the entries were amazing - we were blown away! 


However we were so excited to announce the winner! 

Congratulations to Macy-Mae in Wrekin class for winning the TTRS competition, we hope you enjoy all the treats in the huge hamper. 



Hello, we hope you're enjoying our blog so far.


This week we are so excited!

We launched a Times Table Rockstars competition. We asked the children in years 1-6 to dress up as a rock star. 

We dressed up ourselves and walked around school to promote our competition. Tomorrow we will choose a winner.

Good luck everyone!


Hello everyone,

For our blog this week we thought about how we could further promote Times Table Rockstars in our school. 

We got together and created a bit of an explanation.


TTRS is a fun times tables home work game. What does it do? It is a fun way to learn your times tables at home. TTRS is a free game that is quick and easy to use. 

If you spend enough time on it and come top of your class you get to pick prizes! We really like making people happy by handing our prizes and certificates.

Thank you for reading our blog!

Ellie-Mai, Kaiden, Gracie-Mae and David



Hello everyone, we are the new maths ambassadors at The Wilfred Owen School. To put it simply, as Ellie-Mai said, we promote and help others to love maths!

This is our first blog post! We have introduced ourselves. We hope you enjoy reading a bit about us. 


Hello, my name is David.

I've got two pet dogs, I love public speaking and my favourite subject is maths. The maths ambassadors are a group of people who try and help people enjoy maths. 


Hello, my name is Gracie. I have a pet hamster, I love doing art and I love maths too. 



My name is Kaiden. My favourite subject is maths because I love times tables! I love playing on the playground.



Hello I’m Ellie-Mai and I’m enjoying being a maths ambassador because I like making people happy – it makes me feel happy too.



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