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This term in Maths we will be focusing on:


2D shapes

Patterns/ Repeating patterns

Matching numerals & amounts


3D shapes

Positional language


Every day:

We count how many children are present at school to support saying number names in order and one to one correspondence.

We sing the days of the week song, identifying what day it is today and what day it was yesterday.

We sing number rhymes/ songs to support


Things you can do at home to support early maths;

Sing songs and rhymes that count forwards or backwards e.g “Five currant buns”. These songs support children to name numbers but also to learn the patterns of number.

Counting using blocks to make a tower and using language such as short and tall to describe them.

Identify shapes within the environment e.g square windows or a rectangular door.

Baking and cooking at home includes counting, measuring, weighing ingredients and getting children to take part in mixing and distributing into different containers.

Looking at coins and talking about the numbers on them and the shape of the coins. 

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