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Look at what we have been doing.

As part of the stories we have been focusing on this term, here are some of the activities we have been doing in Nursery so far:


 ‘Grow it’ (we focused on Sunflowers):

We planted our own sunflower seeds and have checked/watered them everyday.



Look at how much they have grown already!

We used deconstructed flowers to create our own simple representations of a sunflower, talking about the different parts of a plant.

Guided reading: We have looked at a factual seedling book, turning the pages one at a time, holding the book the correct way up and discussing the author, illustrator, title, blurb and spine.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

We counted out the correct number of pieces of fruit for the Hungry Caterpillar and ordered numerals 1-5.                     

Look at our simple caterpillar representations using finger paint.

After reading the Hungry Caterpillar, Nursery had discussions about healthy and unhealthy food, drinks and activities before sorting them independently into two groups.

We have ordered the pictures of the lifecycle of a caterpillar, discussing what was happening in each picture linking it back to the story.

A lot of us have enjoyed the story so much that during child initiated activities we have chosen to read the story again being able to retell it in great detail. 

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