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Long Term Curriculum Plan

Long Term Curriculum Plan

We have adapted our Curriculum over the past two years in order to recognise the work we are doing on Metacognition and Cognitive Principles.  This ties in with our curriculum drivers which are listed on the Long Term Curriculum page.

A break down of expectations across each year group in each subject is on the Curriculum Overview page.  There you will find a link to each subject.

We have used the National Curriculum and Chris Quigley Essentials as a basis for our themes and will be working within the Milestones for Key Stage One and Two classes.


Year A







Traditional Tales- the good, the bad and the Superheroes.


Where does my food come from? Food round the world. Meals. Farms.  Animals and plants we eat.  Growing. Life cycles.

What is special to me?

Family and friends, toys and treasures,


Cracking ideas – History

Lives of significant people in Britain’s past.  Significant people around the world.  Inventions that impacted on the World

Art - Digital media – photo collages.  Pablo Picasso

DT – inventions electric circuits

World Kitchen – Geography

Where does food come from and how do they get to us.  Climate and impact on food production.  Farming.  Healthy breakfast – bread and smoothies.  Nutrition and diet.

From field to fork – DT - Food

Painting – Van Gogh/ Monet - Haystacks

Treasure – History

Maps and globes.  Treasure maps.

Sailors and pirates.  Life on board a ship. 


Sculpture/ collage - Andy Goldsworthy


Language – History

Languages in Britain today.  Communication.  Writing – Egyptians, Shang dynasty.


Shakespeare – Tudor Britain

Digital media / Printing - Thomas Broome

Spice route – Geography

Where do spices come from, how are spices grown and used around the world.  India.  Spice trade in the past.  New foods introduced throughout history – potato. Tudors

DT -  Banana Keyboard – Control – food instruments

Art - Sculpture/ collage = Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Buried Treasure – History

The Vikings. Invaders and settlers.  Culture, houses, way of life and beliefs. Legacy.

Map skills – Scandinavia


DT / Art Textiles /Weaving = Dorothy Cauldwell



Beliefs – History

Religions – key beliefs.  Roman Gods, Reformation – Tudors. Gunpowder plot – Government. Law and Order. Ancient civilisation beliefs and religious practices.

Religious art works


Fair Trade – Geography

Economically less developed country.  Human and Physical features.  Compare with locality.  Economy and trade. Food availability and cost – how this impacts on the diet.

Painting/ Drawing – Still life = Paul Cezanne, Patrick Caulfield.  Salvador Dali.

DT - Make a meal of it – fair trade recipe

Rich and Poor – History

The rich and poor divide – North South divide in England.  Reforms – NHS – Britain since 1940’s.

Social structure – government.

Societies through time – status and way of life. Anglo-Saxons, Sumer/Shang, Victorians – factories/ upstairs-downstairs.  Slavery

Art - Sculpture = Jewellery / trinket holders

DT - Make a decorative box








Journeys and celebrations

Underground and under the sea

Animals from around the World,

My local area


Let’s Remember/Great and Ghastly events – History

World war one – remembrance.  Wilfred Owen, war memorials in local area.

Great fire of London, Moon landings.

Art - felting/Textiles - Flowers – Andy Warhol

DT - Poppies to raise funds for British legion

Australian Adventure – Geography

Natural and physical features, Climate, customs and leisure, locate places and features of outstanding beauty – Barrier reef, Uluru, Daintree rainforest, Sydney harbour, outback.  Aboriginal heritage and beliefs.  Plants and wildlife.

Aboriginal art – Printing

Post a pringle – DT packaging – materials/construction

Seaside rescue 

Grace Darling. Coasts and sea sides. Winding mechanisms – winch. Lighthouses. Victorian seaside.  Jurassic Forest  Mary Anning. Victorian discoveries. Lyme Regis – Coasts. Fossils and dinosaurs.

Geography & History

Seascapes – painting = John Constable

DT – ice lollies – food tech


Land of Hope and Glory – History / Geography  The UK.  Physical and human features.  Industrial revolution – impact on locality –Ironbridge. Textiles, mining, ship building  Painting/drawing - JMW Turner, Lowry, Banksy  DT Design a moving Ferris wheel/London eye – mechanics, electrics


Eurovision – Geography

Human and physical features, countries, capitals, seas, lakes, oceans, cities. Flag and emblems, culture, climate, food, traditions.  WW2 – impact on Europe. Brexit.

Screen printing – Mondrian

DT – traditional foods of Europe – food tech

Transport and Trade – History

Transportation, Space, development of transport through ages.  Trade – food, silk road, salt, tools. Vikings, Egyptians, local transport links.

Raging rivers - Geography  RNLI, River rescue. Water cycle, Major rivers of the World. Processes shape landscapes.  Settlements.

Painting/ Drawing - William Powell, Gino Severini


Conflict – History

Offa’s Dyke – Anglo Saxons, Roman weapons, armour and tactics, Spartan – Ancient Greece. WW1

Painting = Art works depicting war –

Eugene Delacroix, Jules Perham , Pablo Picasso, Wyndham Lewis

Balloon Blaster – DT

Land of the Free – Geography/ History

North America.  Physical features, human features, seas, oceans, lakes, Native Americans, Cities.  Government, War of Independence , JFK, Martin Luther King.   Pilgrim father’s, Boston tea party. Empire, legacy, invaders and settlers.

Printing / Digital art American artists - Lichtenstein and Warhol

Extreme Environments – Geography

Maps and atlases, human and physical features.  Environmental issues. Settlements, climates and environments, Volcanoes – Pompei and Herculaneum – Romans.

Polar exploration – Scott, Shackleton.

Rainforest – Pizzaro, Francisco de Orellana

DT/ ART - Textiles - Clothing

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