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Long Term Curriculum

Intent and Curriculum Planning

When reviewing our curriculum, we begin by thinking about what are the most important aspects of our school, community and local area.  We therefore began, as a staff, to think about what we want our children to know, experience and learn as they move through the school.


It is an important driver for our curriculum for the children to develop key skills and attributes which will support them in the next stage of their education.  We want all children in school to develop independence, motivation, self-worth, creativity, resilience and a love of learning. 

We want them to be problem solvers, designers, historians and artists. We want them to have an impact on the community they live in and have aspirations to be amazing individuals.


In our local area, there are many sites and places of interest which we want our children to understand.  It is important they know about the Industrial revolution and the role of Ironbridge in that period of history.  We want them to learn about Charles Darwin and Wilfred Owen and the legacy they have left behind.  We want them to experience performing on a stage, showing their work in a gallery and exploring the outdoors.


Globally, we want our curriculum to teach children about the past - where does our language come from? What is British culture?  How have we impacted on the World?


By identifying these aspects we set about designing a curriculum based on the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Chris Quigley Essentials Essential Characteristics and Milestones. 


Below you can see an overview of the Chris Quigley Curriculum and on each subject page you can see a break down of the skills, knowledge and learning we will offer as a child moves through our school curriculum.

Due to copyright reasons, we cannot publish the full Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum on our school website. However, to to give clarity, we have shared this document  in line with DfE requirements.


Please note this document is to be used by Essentials customers only and is not to be used for any other purpose than to give information to  parents of our school.

Chris Quigley Milestones Content

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