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Long Mynd

Welcome to Long Mynd Class!

Teacher: Miss Fox

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Al-Saddek and Mr Sherratt

Spring term 2023


Last term’s topics were fantastic and I enjoyed teaching you all the exciting facts about The Stone Age, The Iron Age and The Maya, almost as much as you really enjoyed learning them!

This term our history and geography lessons are centred around the Egyptians. You will learn via an enquiry based approach starting with the question:

Why was the River Nile so important to the Ancient Egyptians?

All of our lessons will focus on us answering this question through exploring different elements of the Egyptians. We will begin answering our question by exploring where in the world Egypt is and when they were around. We will link our learning to last term’s topic by looking at the timeline on our wall. I wonder which era came first, the Egyptians or the Iron Age? Following this we will start to develop an understanding of the physical and human features in Egypt and more specifically, close to the River Nile. We may even have a wonder to the River Severn to compare the features.

At the start of the second half term we will start to discover the Egyptians in more detail. We’ll look at their lifestyles, jobs and beliefs. This will lead us onto mummification (something I know you’re all very interested in already!) We may even attempt to mummify something ourselves.

Finally we will explore the life of cleopatra – who she was and why she was a significant individual.




Our English lessons are always linked to a specific genre. At the start of the block of lessons on that genre, you will complete a ‘have a go write’ so I can find out what you know or have remembered from previous year groups. You will then learn how to write using that genre at year three level. By the end of that block of learning you will complete a ‘learn as you go’ whereby you put together everything you have learnt into one piece of work. We will then edit it using a success criteria for that genre and finally complete your ‘show me what you know’ write! Don’t forget to look at the English section of our website to see if you have featured on the ‘Writer of the Week’ page!

The genres we will be covering this term are linked to our theme and are narrative, letter, biography and diary entries. We will use some high-quality texts to support us with these topics which include, Cinderella of the Nile and the story of Tutankhamun.



You worked so hard with your maths last term and I was so proud of you for remembering so much from year 2. This will help you with the next few topics we learn. We’ll start by finishing off our topic on mass and capacity whereby we will compare, explore equivalence and add and subtract mass or capacity. Once we have finished this, we will start looking at multiplication and division. We’ll start by re-capping equal groups and the difference between sharing and grouping. Then moving on to the 4 and 8 times tables.

You will frequently be presented with a challenge or a problem solving activity, linked to the lesson, that aims to develop you reasoning and problem solving skills. These problems will link to the seven important problem solving skills; trial and improvement, working systematically, pattern spotting, working backwards, reasoning logically, visualising and conjecturing.


Don't forget!

  • Reading book and home link book (every day). This will ensure you and your child do not miss any key information stuck in the books.
  • PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays - children will need to bring in their full PE kit at the beginning of term. It must then stay in school until the end of term. A full PE kit includes; a white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or trousers and trainers or pumps
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