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Long Mynd

Welcome to Longmynd class!

Summer Term 2021  

Welcome back to school finally! It feels so good to have everyone back and ready for a very exciting summer term ahead. I hope you and your children are ready for a wonderful term at school. 


If your child needs to self-isolate, please have a look at the following websites to support your child's home learning.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


Mental Health Awareness week took place from the 10th - 16th May this year.  It was a great opportunity to normalise the discussion of mental health and well being amongst the children.


Throughout the week, the children were engaged in a series of activities that opened up rich discussion and honesty about feelings and how we can manage them. We decided as a class, to have a worry circle so that we could share any worries that we had. This is something we have decided to continue doing every week. We discuss strategies as a class, that we can use to help us destress and let go of any negative feelings. The children have enjoyed taking part in laughing yoga, guided meditation and painting this week too.




Our theme this term is ‘Ancient Egypt' so to get stuck into our learning, the children have been busy researching what they want to find out about this topic and what they already know. Here is what they came up with:



The children will focus on how the Egyptians used the river Nile for transport and trade and what they traded to other countries. There will be opportunities for the children to learn about the history behind Egypt and the pyramids.


As always, opportunities for cross curricular learning are a priority and therefore teaching of our class theme will be interwoven through English, Maths, Science and other foundation subjects.  This approach ensures knowledge is embedded, engages the imagination and increases motivation to really enjoy what they are learning.  


This week we have been researching information about the 'River Nile' and what countries this passes through. The children used I pads to find out where Egypt was on the map and we learnt it was in North Africa. We also learnt that the ancient Egyptians, used to use the river to transport goods to different parts of the world. We will be using this information to write a non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt by the end of this topic.




We are having a huge push this term on reading to develop children's fluency and comprehension. Also we will continue to use the 'Home School Reading Diary' so that we can focus on that daily reading being embedded at home. As part of our whole school guided reading we are still continuing to use VIPERS. Please look out for tasks related to this in your child's reading diaries. 


Here are some examples of our work so far...


One of the first writing activities we asked the children to do was record their thoughts and feelings, in letter form, relating to the Covid19 Crisis.  This was a whole school writing project and it was an opportunity to capture a snapshot of how our children coped emotionally with Lockdown.  All the children wrote beautiful, heartfelt accounts of their experiences throughout what will be a major part of our history.


Cinderella of the Nile


This term in English we have been reading a book called 'Cinderella of the Nile'. The children have been very busy, getting into the role of the main character 'Rhodopis' and writing a diary entry. They have worked incredibly hard, at writing in the first person, using emotive language and using a wide range of adjectives. Here are two wonderful examples of what we have been doing:



This term we are focusing on multiplication and division so it is vital children are spending their time learning them. In Year 3 children need to know their 2,5,10,3,4 and 8 off by heart. They will have TT Rockstars accounts and it is expected that they do this at home as often as they can. We will also be spending time in class having a big focus on them! We will also be learning the formal method for multiplication this term. Please have a look at some of the class already hard at work with their Maths.



This week we have been focusing on our fitness levels so that we can ensure we are fit and healthy. Also this term we are learning how to play rounders. The children have been working hard on their throwing and catching ball skills along with learning how to use a rounder bat. Here are some of us in action:






Important Notices

PE is every Monday and Thursday.

Home school reading diaries to be brought to school everyday.

Weekly spellings to be learnt at home- spelling test every Wednesday, new weekly spellings given every week.


Key dates 

04.05.2021 After School Clubs start 3.15pm - 4pm

27.05.2021 Last day of Half Term all day

28.05.2021 PD Day - School Closed for pupils all day


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