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Learn How I can help my child with their writing

What are the expected standards for Writing at the end of each year group? 


Parents often want to know what standards are expected of their child in Writing.


To answer this, please take a look at the year group expectations and accompanying writing samples below.


Each year group has a set of "I Can" statements which set out the expected skills and understanding for children at that age. These statements are defined by the National Curriculum.


From Nursery through to Year 6, the pupil "I can" statements are provided below, alongside two examples of Wilfred Owen' writing that is either at "Expected" or "Exceeding" the standard for that year group.    


When reporting on your child's attainment in Writing, we use the following notation:

(For Year 3):

3s = At the expected standard at the end of Year 3

3s+ = Exceeding the standard for the end of Year 3  

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