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Key stage 1

On this page you will find the data for the core subjects in Key Stage 1.  These are the end of key stage assessments which inform teacher assessment across reading, writing and maths.


From 2016 a new curriculum was introduced in year 2.  As a result new tests and teacher assessment systems were put in place to match significantly increased expectations.  On this page you will find data for reading, writing and maths which shows the number of children reaching the expected standards and the percentage of children working above the expected standard at greater depth - GDS.


Year Two Reading

Whilst reading has dropped  slightly this year it remains broadly in line with National and LA. The fluctuation in results is cohort specific and depends on the ability of each class.

This year we are changing our approach to phonics teaching across the school and developing comprehension rich reading activities in Year 2 to support improvements.



Year Two Writing

We remain above national for our writing scores for the third year running. We also remain above Local Authority Scores at Expected.  Greater Depth scores were dependent on cohort specific issues but remain within one pupil of National and Local Authority.



Year Two Maths

Math remains broadly in line with National and LA results. at both Expected and Greater Depth.




Year Two – Reading, Writing and Maths combined




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