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Hawkstone class

Class Teacher- Miss Lewis

Learning Support Assistants- Mrs Row and Miss Deacon 



    Autumn Term 2023

A very warm welcome back to our Year 4 children. I am really looking forward to getting know each and everyone one of you, it's going to be a fantastic term. 


History and Geography


This term our History and Geography topic is centred around Ancient Greece. The children will learn via an enquiry based approach:


What was it like to be a citizen in Ancient Greece?

Which is the most important legacy of the Ancient Greeks?


The children will have the opportunity to question and think like true historians and geographers, comparing ancient Greece to now using OS maps, studying chronology through timelines. They will be immersed into the Greek theatre, Arts and Olympics! Children will explore life as an  ancient Greek and we will have our very own Greek banquet!   




Our English lessons are always linked to a specific genre. At the start of the block of lessons on that genre, you will complete a ‘have a go write’ so I can find out what you know or have remembered from previous year groups or pervious terms in year 4. You will then learn how to write using that genre at year four level. By the end of that block of learning you will complete a ‘learn as you go’ whereby you put together everything you have learnt into one piece of work. We will then edit it using a success criteria for that genre and finally complete your ‘show me what you know’ piece of writing.

This term we will be focusing on linking our history into our writing using ‘Talk for writing’. We will be learning a Greek Myth Narrative through actions and drama then we will have a go at creating our very own version of one of these so watch this space!! Don’t forget to look at the English section of our website to see if you have featured on the ‘Writer of the Week’ page! 

The genres we will be covering this term are linked to our theme and are; narrative, diary, Non-chronological report and a biography.



In Maths this term, we are learning about fractions and place value. We will be using the white rose planning to inform our learning. Children will explore place value through concrete, pictorial and abstract. Children will have the opportunity to work with physical objects/concrete resources, in order to bring the maths to life and to build understanding of what they are doing. Pictorial Alongside concrete resources, children will work with pictorial representations, making links to the concrete. Visualising a problem in this way can help children to reason and to solve problems. Abstract with the support of both the concrete and pictorial representations, children can develop their understanding of abstract methods.


There will be a huge push with learning your multiplication tables this term! Please use TT Rockstars as often as you can this will really help!


The children will frequently be presented with a challenge or a problem solving activity, linked to the lesson that aims to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. These problems will link to the seven important problem solving skills; trial and improvement, working systematically, pattern spotting, working backwards, reasoning logically, visualising and conjecturing.

Year 4 Multiplication Check

The Year 4 Times Tables Test is an online test with 25 questions; children must answer each question within a 6 seconds time limit so the whole test will take less than 5 minutes. Up to 12 x 12 by heart. In fact, by the end of Year 4, children will be expected to have mastered all their times tables.


Don't forget!

  • Reading book and home link book (every day).
  • PE is on and Monday - children will need to bring in their full PE kit at the beginning of term. It must then stay in school until the end of term. A full PE kit includes; a white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or trousers and trainers or pumps.
  • Swimming starts on Tuesday for those children who are going this term so please ensure correct swimming kits are worn.


WEBSITES FOR LEARNING: (note these lessons may not be in line with our planned work but can be used for consolidation of fractions)

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