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Haughmond Class Chicks

Our Chicks

Recently in Nursery we received eggs with an exciting surprise inside. After patiently waiting for 21 days, our incubated chicks hatched out of their eggs on Wednesday 24th May! 


The first signs that our chicks will soon hatch.



The incubator was filled with cheaping sounds as the newly hatched chicks, dried out and started to explore. During the day, we saw three more chicks hatch, a magical moment.

The chicks now need more space so they have moved out of the incubator into a box. They have a heat pad to keep them warm and they are already eating chick crumb and drinking water independently.

We will post updates our chicks regularly so the children can track their progress throughout the Summer Half Term-as the chicks will change vastly over the week!


We hope you enjoy our photographs and updates!


Ruby, about 12 hours old


Day 2: Meeting the children in nursery

Day 3: The chicks are growing and becoming more confident.

Day 4: The chicks have moved into a bigger home. They still need the heat pad, and all cuddle down underneath it to sleep. They will begin to eat chick crumb from the feeder now. Their water is in the smaller container.


Day 5: A busy day exploring, eating, drinking & sleeping.

Day 6: The chicks now have a bigger space to live in, they really enjoyed running around their cage.

Day 7: Getting ready for bedtime.

Day 8: 1 week old!

The chicks are becoming more adventurous. Today they had some exploring time outside their cage. When the chicks stand up, and  stretch, they are nearly as tall as the blue base of their cage.

Day 9: The chick's wing feathers are getting longer as their wings grow. They are getting taller each day and are very inquisitive.

Day 10: Good morning! Ruby and Lynn come to greet me when I open the door of their cage.

Day 11: The chicks all huddle together when they want to go to sleep. In the daytime they don't always sleep under the heat pad.


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