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During these unprecedented and troubling times with the need for social distancing and self isolation, it is also important to get outside and enjoy some fresh air for your own mental health and well being.


8 Activities to do outside

80 Fun activities to do outside for all ages!

Woodland Trust activities 

10 activities to do indoors and outside Forestry England

Week beginning 27.04 

Outdoor ideas!


This is a lovely activity to do using a few sticks and wool or string to create the loom to weave your spring finds through.

Some pupils in Hawkstone class have already done this and seemed to enjoy it. We left messages of kindness on one, or several like the picture below to leave for people on their walk.

This is such a fun simple activity to do at home. Especially at this time of year with so many bright flowers in the garden. It works best on watercolour paper, but can work on regular paper. The best bit is hitting the flowers through the kitchen paper to make the prints with a hammer or hard book!

Keeping with the mini beasts theme, these are great fun to make with things you collect on your walk.

This is a lovely activity to do if you like the mini beasts in your garden! I hope you manage to find some worms for it!


Friday Outdoor task 24.04

As we have been so lucky with the weather lately, I think it is time to spend some time getting wet!  Enjoy a good old fashioned water fight with your family!  Make sure you have all your sponges and buckets filled before you start to prevent the need to go back inside to refill!



Thursday Outdoor task 23.4


This is a fun task to use some chalks at home to entertain you either on the path outside your house or a pathway you have in the garden.  Why not create an obstacle course or game of hopscotch to enjoy whilst you are out for your daily walk?


Wednesday outdoor task 22.4



This is is really simple to make, use things you find in your garden or when out on your daily walk and then using wool or string weave them

In to a  stick frame that’s easy to make with rubber bands.

Tuesday Outdoor task 21.04

The Great British Bug Hunt is now open! Click on the link below to access the information and instructions.  Your Bug trap from Monday will prove useful for this!

Monday outdoor task 20.04

Dig a little hole and fill with a plastic cup, cover with a flat stone allowing space for the mini beasts to climb underneath. Leave the cup for a few hours or more and then have a look inside to see what you’ve caught! Take care to empty your catch from the cup regularly carefully as mini beasts can easily get hurt.



Friday outdoor task 3.4.2020


Build a den, this could be in the garden using blankets or sheets or in the house with cushions and chairs! Your own secret den!


Thursday outdoor task 2.4.2020

Tuesday outdoor task! 31.3.2020

Monday outdoor task! 30.3.2020

Forest School is an integral part of school life here at Wilfred Owen School.  All pupils participate weekly in sessions from Nursery class to year 6.  Forest School allows children to gain an understanding of the natural environment whilst developing the Forest School ethos, namely, raising self-esteem, developing confidence, independence, improving language and communication skills, and using the out of doors to improve their mindfulness and mental heath.


Our children enjoy a range of activities from bug hunting, shelter building, team building activities, treasure hunts, and making mud pies!  Our children also enjoy creating their own games or playing more traditional games like hide and seek.  As well as these activities, our children also have the opportunity to learn new skills like tying knots, making fires and learning to use a range of tools. All of these skills enable the pupils to respect themselves and their environment as well as understanding how to stay safe and manage risk in the outdoor environment.


Forest School allows the opportunity for children to experience the outdoors through exploration by developing their understanding of a woodland environment and the conservation of such areas.  By teaching our children to respect and care for the environment, we are helping them gain a better understanding of the environment they live in and the world around them.


By providing our children with the opportunity to participate in regular Forest School sessions, we allow those children who are not necessarily academic, or confident in a classroom environment to shine.  We allow them to discover what they enjoy what they are good at and watch them flourish and grow in that.  As their confidence and enjoyment grows in the Forest, teachers also notice an improvement in their attitude to learning in the classroom too.


Some children relish in the challenge of Forest School and they are given many opportunities throughout their school life to face these challenges, enabling them to build more resilience and strength as they get older.  The last challenge our upper KS2 pupils face is “I’m a Survivor, Get me out of here!” This is complete with bushtucker trials and tricky tasks to win stars.  The pupils really enjoy this and love the whole experience – honest!


Forest School takes place in all weathers and all seasons, we believe that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothing, so we expect all children and staff to come appropriately dressed.


Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Haughmond (Nursery) Hawkstone (year 4)
Tuesday Stiperstones (year 1) Wrekin (year 2)
Wednesday Clee (Reception) Caradoc (year 5)/ Grinshill (year 6)
Thursday   Longmynd (year 3)


As a parent in Shropshire once said:

 ‘You can wash away the mud, but you can’t wash away the experience’

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