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Class of 2021/22


We started our year in English by looking at recounts. We began our writing cycle with a cold write. After that, we explored the features of recounts in our Kagan partners. Here we are identifying the good and bad example of a recount by looking at it's features. 


Religious Education (R.E.)

Today we met Sophia Owl and introduced ourselves to her. We talked about how Sophie Owl may ask us some big questions. First she asked us “what does it mean to be kind?”

Lincoln – always use kind hands and feet so don’t hurt people.

Isaac – when someone is lonely, let them join in.

Maxi – if someone is hurt, you can help them up and take them to Mrs Clorley.


Sophia then introduced us to two characters. We watched as something went wrong – one of the puppets hurt the other. We talked about what went wrong and who was unkind. We then completed a conscience alley to tell each puppet what they should have done.

Minnie – you should have said sorry straight away

Archie – you can’t hurt anyone


Sophia asked us another big question!
Is it easy to always be kind?

We held a great discussion about different beliefs in our world and how this shouldn’t affect us showing kindness to everyone.

We listened to The Good Samaritan story and talked about other religions. We talked about helping everyone, not just our friends because we’re all human.


Outdoor Learning!

We found numbers up to 50 in the forest school area. Once we found them, we worked with our Kagan partners to order them on a number line. We made sure we checked the tens and the ones before placing them down. We were missing a number so quickly identified that.


Our first week in Wrekin Class!

We had a great first couple of days in Wrekin class. We found an aeroplane! Here we are enjoying some role play activities. Miss Fox was impressed by what we already knew about travel and the language we used during our role play activities. 

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