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Welcome To Caradoc Class

Autumn Term 2021  smiley




Welcome back to school!  We hope you have all managed to stay safe and both you and your children are looking forward to an exciting term!  Our theme this term is ‘Beliefs' so to kick start our learning the children have study the Iron Age with a particular focus on The Druids.  We will develop an understanding of how the Celts lived from day to day and how their beliefs impacted on their lives.  We will then move on in time to The Romans and compare the two civilizations, in particular the conflicts and beliefs. The amazing Boudica, Queen of the Iceni Tribe, will feature heavily also!  A visit to Deva - The Roman Experience in Chester is planned for October where the children will learn why the Romans invaded Britain and what it was like to live in Chester as a Roman soldier nearly 2000 years ago.  There will be ports to explore, streets to walk down, a hospital, a Roman bath an amphitheatre and plenty of hands-on experiences.  

As always, opportunities for cross curricular learning are a priority and therefore teaching of our class theme will be interwoven through English, Maths, Science and other foundation subjects.  This approach ensures knowledge is embedded, engages the imagination and increases motivation to really enjoy what they are learning.  


If your child needs to self-isolate, please have a look at the following websites to support your child's home learning. (note these lessons may not be in line with our planned work but can be used for consolidation of fractions)




This term the children in Caradoc have started to read the fabulous 'Cosmic' written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.  It's the story of a boy called Liam, who is incredibly tall for his age and gets involved in many 'cringe-worthy' situations.  He eventually ends up stuck in outer space!


The children are absolutely hooked and can't wait to read more of the book in class.  Mrs O'H Tweeted Frank Cottrell- Boyce to let him know how excited they all were to start writing and exploring the book further.  He didn't just Tweet back, he sent a personalised response in the form of a postcard!  We were all super excited and this has really motivated the children to get writing!

Keep your eyes peeled, examples of writing will be coming soon. 

Developing Empathy with characters.


Drama is a fantastic tool to allow the children to 'step inside' a character so they can really understand thoughts and feelings.  The children took on the roles of 'Liam' and 'Dad' from Cosmic to support their challenge of writing in role. 

Class Visit to Dewa, Chester 


On Tuesday 5th October, the children were at long last let out of school on a SCHOOL TRIP!   We were all so excited!

The children started the visit by meeting a veteran of the legion, Lupus. He put the children through their paces and had them working together as a team to become the finest Roman soldiers the world had ever seen!  They marched through the streets of Chester in the rain, chanting and carrying their weapons proudly.


After lunch, the children were transported back to the time of the Romans, where they travelled across the sea to the North of Britannia, to the Roman fortress of Dewa.

Once they arrived and boarded a ship, the children learnt why the Romans invaded Britain and built the fortress of Dewa, and what it was like to live life as a Roman Soldier nearly 2000 years ago.  There were ports to explore, streets to walk down, a hospital, a Roman bath, an amphitheatre and plenty of hands- on opportunities.


We will now use this experience to support the children's understanding of The Romans as we explore this fascinating period of time in more detail through our history and geography lessons. 




When the children reach upper KS2 they have the opportunity to work with the PE department at The Belvidere School.  Mr Mike Edwards visits the children every half term and they experience an extended PE session focusing on a different sport each time.  He also organises a competition for local feeder primary schools to take part in.  

The session this half term was Cross Country.  The children learnt how to pace themselves when running distances.  We have a team ready to enter the competition in 2 weeks time. 

Keep your fingers crossed for The Wilfred Owen School!


This half term, the children have been choreographing sequences of movements within their PE lessons.

They had to work within a mixed ability group and the sequence they created had to include travelling, balance, a roll, working in unison and adding a creative twist!  They have produced some fabulous pieces of movement and we will be setting them to music shortly.

Don’t forget!

PE is on Mondays and Thursdays - Full kit is essential for both sessions.

Reading books and diaries must be in school daily.






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