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Here are some links you may find useful in addition to the activities on Seesaw;


  • - as a school we follow the white rose maths scheme so I have included their website that has some free resources linked to numerous areas of maths, including some home learning videos.
  • For listening to stories you can use this website;
  • This link will give you daily lessons linked to each subject we teach in school. Each lesson has a video with activity ideas.
  •  - each child has a log in for Times Table Rockstars. This supports your child with their multiplication tables. If you need your child's log in, please let me know via the admin email address. 





Welcome back to school at long last!  We hope you have all managed to stay safe and both you and your children are looking forward to an exciting term!  Our theme this term is ‘Conflict’ so to kick start our learning the children will be developing their local history knowledge by studying The Battle of Shrewsbury. We will pay a visit to the local Battlefield heritage site,  where the children will able to imagine King Henry IV and Hotspur fighting and also learn about the weaponry used, the politics and the power surrounding the battle.  The children will then continue to travel through time and discover The War of the Roses, meet the infamous Henry VIII in the terrible Tudor period and then end our journey at The English Civil War. The children will learn how to joust just as Henry VIII did and learn an intricate Tudor court dance.           

300 years of history in just one term  - We are going to be busy!






At a time when it's needed most, we all came together on Friday 9th October for #helloyellow to support young peoples mental health and raise money for the charity, Young Minds.

There were lots of different fundraising activities being conducted safely across school within bubbles.  Caradoc class decided to host a cake sale, which went down incredibly well. 

A huge thank you to everyone who entered into the spirit of the day and donated.

Caradoc class decided to create a memorial garden in honour of all those soldiers who fought and are still fighting to allow us the freedom we have today.

This will be a project we continue throughout the year and the children will add plants and other important artefacts to create a personal space to reflect and remember.

The garden was started by the children creating memorial stones and we shared Laurence Binyon's ' Poem For The Fallen'.


English - The children in Caradoc class are taking their roles as 'Super Sleuths' very seriously! They are helping Nik and Norva solve a murder mystery using facts, evidence and decuction skills. They are hooked!

We tweeted Sharna Jackson examples of our newspaper reports. She was impressed!

As we come to the end of our class novel. High Rise Mystery, the children have been inspired to write their own suspense narrative.  

They have worked incredibly hard, using a checklist of features to ensure their writing is the best it can be!

The children compared their suspense story to a piece of narrative writing they did in September.  They couldn't believe how much it had improved!

Mrs O'Hara is one super proud teacher. smiley

Theme - The children have been studying local history. They have used maps and sources of primary evidence to locate exactly where the Battle of Shrewsbury took place and why it took place in Shrewsbury. They have also developed an understanding of the geography of the UK by identifying borders and locating important counties connected to the conflict.

Inspired by our visit to the Battlefield, children wrote diary entries from the point of view of a soldier at the battle.

Watch This Space...


Henry IV and Harry Hotspur will be arriving on Monday 12th October and making their home in our fantastic class fish tank.  We will be adding Medieval Monarchs as we learn about them in our history lessons to embed chronology and deepen the understanding for the children.

We are so excited to welcome more fish as the weeks progress. 

Huge thanks to Miss Jones for creating The Tower of London and London Bridge.  

Design and Technology - THE BATTLE OF MARSHMALLOW!


Caradoc class were challenged to design and build a medieval trebuchet to compete in a class battle.  The winner of the battle was the trebuchet that could fire a marshmallow the greatest distance.

The children had to develop and apply many skills to complete this challenge, some of which included mathematics, science knowledge (levers and pulleys) , develop a range of practical skills to create the trebuchet including sawing, filing, nailing, screwing and gluing and of course work efficiently and complete the project within a set time limit. 

They LOVED it and produced the most fantastic selection of trebuchets.  As the children tested their trebuchets they were able to identify areas that needed improvement in order to meet the design brief.

We all had so much fun when the battle took place.  It was taken very seriously, with judges ensuring the battle was fair and measurements were accurate.  

A wonderful way to end what has been an incredibly enjoyable history topic this term.  


The RAF needed Caradoc Class to help them with a new design brief for a parachute!

Last week, Year 5 have been investigating different variables that affect how slowly an object will fall with a parachute. This is to help them solve the problem of protecting an egg from cracking when it is dropped. They have explored the role of the parachute material, surface area and shape as well as the length of string between the parachute and the cup containing the egg.


Evaluating the investigation is an important part of the engineering process and it will help the children to identify any areas for improvement for their design.


They had to answer the following questions in detail and in full sentences:


– What did you find out?

– What makes the best parachute (slowest falling) in terms of length of string, material, shape and size?

– How do you know this? Use data from your investigation to support your points and EXPLAIN why this is the case using scientific vocabulary.

– How will this affect your design brief you are sending to the RAF

– What other observations did you make from your investigation that may help the RAF when designing their new parachute?

– What went well in your investigation? What didn’t go well? How will this change the way you carry out future tests?



Investigation Planning and Evaluating.

Testing our parachutes!

Don’t forget!

PE is on Monday and Thursday 

Forest School will be on a Friday Afternoon. 

Group A start Friday 11th September.

Group B start Friday 18th September



Key dates


18.9.20  - Jeans for genes day

21.9.20 and 23.9.20  -

Visit to Battlefield Heritage site (Groups to be confirmed)

22.9.20  -  School Photographs

22.10.20  -  Parents Evening

23.10.20  -  PD Day

26.10.20  -  Half Term


These dates are subject to change.








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