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Autumn 2


 This term in music, children will learn to sing a broad range of songs, including those that involve rhythm, learning to sing as part of a choir and build confidence in their performance ability.

 Over the past few weeks, the children have enjoyed listening to classical music and have learnt about famous composers such as Gustav Holst and Maurice Ravel.

Children will also learn about popular music styles including 90S R&B, Rock & Roll ,Disco and Funk to name but a few. This week the children have been given the lyrics to the famous song Wonderwall by Oasis. The children are learning to sing the song for a performance in class at the end of the week.  


In English the children are writing a narrative based on the story of Alma,( a story about curiosity and intrigue). The children created a vocabulary word bank of atmospheric words that depict a setting within the story, and emotional words that portray the feelings of the character. The children have used a variety of literacy devices including foreshadowing - this gives a warning or indication of what is to come - it allows the reader to develop expectations within the text. Grinshill have been working incredibly hard on their stories, Look out for some amazing examples of their work to be posted next week.


In Maths the children have been learning all about Fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, finding missing fractions within a calculation and understanding mixed numbers. The children will learn how to multiply and divide fractions and will then move on to converting decimals into fractions and percentages next term. 

Children have been working really hard on using their maths knowledge to problem solve.

Remember, knowing your times tables is a key factor in helping you with all aspects of maths. So please look at your maths facts in the back of your home school reading journal and practice your multiplication  tables. Well done to all those children who do this regularly!


In class this term our topic is BELIEFS. We are looking at the period of history from 1400-1685, this is a great period in history. The children are exploring four main areas: the history, religious beliefs throughout this period, geographical exploration and scientific development. This vast time line gives the children opportunity to discover many exciting events, from the Tudors with Henry VIII to the Great Fire of London. The children can use their previous learning about The Battle of Shrewsbury and The War of the Roses to enable them to develop further understanding of this period of history.

The children will be bringing home a map of the world so that they understand where countries are around the world.

Children have created this amazing time line depicting key events in history,


Children are learning about how to keep healthy as they grow. We cover the important topic of staying safe on line. Children learn about where they can get help and who to talk to if anything is worrying them. 

In class we have a worry box where children can leave a message for the teacher if they have concerns about anything; this is a way of children communicating with an adult in school if they feel upset or worried. Children are aware that this box can be used to communicate news to the rest of the class, achievements, up and coming events or sharing learning.

Every week the children will have class assembly, the focus being E-Safety, this provides opportunity for the teacher to embed learning and strategies to stay safe on electronic devices. Children always have the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions.


In Religious Education, we have been learning all about Islam and how Muslims show their commitment to God. This half term we are looking at the Christian faith on the build up to Christmas. Why Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Children explore the qualities needed to take on an important role and discuss important duties and responsibilities that they have been given in there lives.


Always practice your spellings every night Grinshill, ready for your test on Friday.


Last week the children learnt the lyrics for the famous song Wonderwall, on Friday the children had a sing off! Boys V Girls. Mrs Mathews was the judge and voted the girls the overall best vocalists, while the boys had the best dramatic skills. Well done Grinshill class. 

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