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Over the past year, we have developed a Scheme of Work for Art, which links in with our Long Term Plan.  The scheme plans for a broad range of Art skills, a variety of media and techniques, and a focus on key Artists that we want the children to know and recognise.


The Intent for Art is based on the following threshold concepts.

  • Develop ideas

    This concept involves understanding how ideas develop through an artistic process.

  • Master techniques

    This concept involves developing a skill set so that ideas may be communicated.

  • Take inspiration from the greats

    This concept involves learning from both the artistic process and techniques of great artists and artisans throughout history.

Across school we have planned which Artists we want our children to learn about, linked to our long term plan and curriculum maps.

This document shows the key artists we will cover.  These are subject to change as children and staff find other new artists to direct their work.

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