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Welcome to our new children

We would like to welcome our new children and their families to our school. We hope that you are enjoying being part of Wilfred Owen Nursery. Our term has already had a busy start with school photographs, Jeans for Genes day and Harvest Assembly. The children in Early Years worked hard to learn a new song called 'Big Red Combine Harvester', which they sang in the whole school harvest celebration. Families and friends joined us for this special assembly and the food that was kindly donated was taken to Shrewsbury Ark. We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations and for joining us to celebrate harvest time.


Castle Banquet

On the last day of the first half of the summer term we held a Castle Banquet. The children were invited to dress up as someone who might have lived in a castle, which included animals and dragons. The children made edible necklaces and took turns to entertain each other like a jester at a castle banquet. We had helped make the apple pies and bread rolls for our banquet. We sat at a long table and we all had goblets to drink from.


The Royal Wedding

On Friday 18th May 2018 we celebrated the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The whole school enjoyed a traditional English lunch and then we joined Clee class for activities and a picnic.



At the end of term we took part in different activities to celebrate Easter. We made chocolate crispy nests, a rabbit hat, a thumb printed Easter card and had an Easter Egg hunt.


Rhyme Time Challenge Concert

All the children in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) learnt the nursery rhymes from the Rhyme Time Challenge in the second half of the Spring term. We invited out families to a special concert and we performed all the rhymes we had learnt.


Chinese New Year

Exploring what happens at Chinese New Year gave us the opportunity to taste Chinese food, make new year cards and decorations.


Christmas Performance

We took part in the Christmas Performance with the children from Reception (Clee Class), Year 1 (Stiperstones) and Year 2 (Wrekin). The play was called 'The Little Bird Told Me'. We were angels and stars and we all took part in a dance during the performance.



Celebrating our School Birthday

On Friday 22nd September 2017 we had a party to celebrate the tenth birthday of our school building. The children planned what we would need for the birthday party, making hats, decorations and sandwiches. Everyone helped wrap up the little presents that were given our at the end of the party.

Macy's Mum made us a birthday cake and some little cakes, they were delicious. Mrs Lynch gave us the school cake to share with Reception class, we really enjoyed blowing out the candles after we sang happy birthday.


Tasty Apples

We visited our school garden and picked our own apple off the tree to eat for snack. The apples were crunchy and juicy.

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Welcome Everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed the summer break. The Nursery team would like to welcome all our children and families back at the start of the new school year. We have thirteen new children joining our class, we are looking forward to getting to know them all.


Nursery Class Assembly - Friday 9th June 2017

Our class assembly was on Friday morning. We invited our families to stay on afterwards for a family snack time. The children enjoyed singing songs and rhymes about chicks, and telling the audience about the chicks we had hatched and looked after in nursery.


Pirate Day - Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Our Early Years classes were full of pirates on Wednesday 3rd May 2017! The children had fun plying pirate games outside and making pirate disguise collages. The children's collages are displayed in the classroom and in the hall.

Thank you to all our families for joining in and for the wonderful array of pirate costumes that your children wore.


Pirate Challenge

Have a look on our 'Tasks to try at home' page for our Pirate Challenge.


Rhyme Time Family Concert 

During the Spring Term we all worked hard to learn the Rhyme Time Challenge rhymes. Our families came to our Rhyme Time Concert and then joined us for a picnic. We loved singing for our families and they all joined in with Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush.


Class Assembly - Spring Term 2017

For our class assembly we told the story of The Gruffalo. We joined in with the repeated lines and phrases in the story and used the Makaton signs we have learnt too.

The Gruffalo is a great story, enjoy sharing it at home with your family.


Pizza Chefs

 After listening to the story 'The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza' we made helped put the toppings on our own pizzas for lunch. Cathy had put all the ingredients out on the tables. There were lots of different toppings to choose from.

We had to spread the tomato sauce on top of the pizza base with a knife.

Then we sprinkled cheese on top of the tomato sauce.

Next we added ham, sweetcorn, onion, tomato, and garlic butter to our own pizza.

Our pizzas were delicious!


Thank you Cathy for letting us come and make our own pizzas for lunch.


Family Fun

We enjoyed a family activity morning in the final week of the Autumn Term. The children and their families were busy decorating cakes and biscuits, making decorations and going on a treasure hunt. Thank you to everyone who was able to come, we have had some lovely feedback and plan to organise another family session towards the end of the Spring Term.


Christmas Nativity

The children in Nursery worked hard to learn the songs and a dance for our Nativity Performance. Our 24 angels did a brilliant job and we were all very proud of them.


Apple Art

We were invited to take part in an art project by Attingham Park. The children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 more apples to decorate the orchard for attingham Park's Apple Harvest Weekend.

In Haughmond Class we made footprint apples.

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Acton Burnell Castle

Haughmond class visited Acton Burnell Castle. We explored this ruined castle and enjoyed pretending to be knights, guards, princesses and dragons!

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